Frequently Asked Questions

What does the training involve?

Beginners are taken through a structured course, starting from absolute scratch, building from footwork through basic cuts, form exercises and routines, to armoured practices with full sparring. Additionally, practitioners are taught Japanese terminology and the rules of etiquette within kendo.

Do I need equipment? What should I have?

No equipment is needed at all! Everything is provided by the club to begin with. Just wear some loose clothing.

How much does joining the club cost?

Our usual beginners intake is not required to pay for membership until around the third week of the academic session. Membership for students is comparable to the fees required for most university sports clubs, paid on a semesterly basis.

Do I need to be in good shape to do Kendo?

It helps to be relatively fit and healthy but anybody of any fitness state or size can practice Kendo. Beginners are gradually introduced to the pace of training with fun, involving sessions.

Kendo Materials

Club videos

Visit our YouTube channels. You may need to request access from members.

Club Library

Our club offers a small collection with the following:

  • A Bilingual guide to the History of Kendo by T. Sakai and A. Bennet
  • Looking at a far mountain by P. Budden
  • Kendo: The definitive guide by H. Ozawa
  • Kenshi 247 Selected Articles by G. McCall
  • Kendo World Issue 3.3
  • Kendo World Issue 3.4
  • Kendo World Issue 4.1

To borrow a book contact the Secretary

Useful Websites

Kenshi 24/7. A collection of article translation by George McCall

Kendo Info. Kendo Information from Geoff Salmon Sensei