Edinburgh University Kendo Club

Mumeishi’s 3s - London

Mumeishi’s 3s Report

This year for Mumeishi 3s Competition, Edinburgh Kendo Club sent down two teams to fight in the event. Edinburgh A team consisted of Koji Ozawa as Senpo, Steve Bishop as Chuken, and Kristian Delacour as Taisho. Edinburgh B team was made up of Tina Latimer as Senpo, Derek Whitson as Chuken, and Drew Muir as Taisho.

The day for these intrepid kendoka began with Edinburgh A having a fight off to enter the official bracket of the competition. With two wins to one, Edinburgh A advanced into the official matches, facing Oxford B. Once more Edinburgh A showed considerable fighting spirit to beat out Oxford two wins to one again, and advance to the next round, where they faced Southampton. Meanwhile, Edinburgh B faced Portsmouth in their first match, and showed them their best kendo, winning their matches, and advancing to the best 32. With the pressure growing, Edinburgh A won their match, 2 wins and a draw for their best result of the day. Edinburgh B team faced off against Mumeishi B, and after 6 minutes of great shiai, found themselves with three hikewake. Mr. Max Davis of Mumeishi B and Mr. Dez Whitson of Edinburgh B would decide the match in Dai-ho-sen (fight-off). There proceeded three minutes of brilliant kendo, the mood tense in the Dojo as eager competitors waited to see the outcome. Finally Mr. Davis scored men, ending the match, knocking Edinburgh B out of the bracket.

Down to the last 16, Edinburgh A faced St. Etienne, a fierce team. The match began with Mr. Ozawa scoring a men, but subsequently losing by a kote and a men. Mr. Bishop drew his match after two intense minutes of keiko. Finally Mr. Delacour lost to St. Etienne’s Taisho by a kote and a men. And so, Edinburgh A was out.

St. Etienne along with Mumeishi B both went on to place third in the taikai, with Oxford A taking 2nd place, and Mumeishi A taking the gold.

It was a great competition, with 84 teams taking part, and great kendo spirit filling the air and the next day, all the members of the Edinburgh Kendo Club went to morning keiko, fighting with great sensei from around Britain, France, and Japan. It was truly a fantastic event, not only from the experience in shiai, but also the opportunity to meet and fence so many kendoka from around Britain and the world.