Edinburgh University Kendo Club

University Taikai 2014

Location: Kent, England

Results from day one: in the kyu grades, Sofia won ladies kyu, Alesis won men's kyu by beating Savva in the final; Ewan reaching semi-finals (knocked out by Savva), Iman (knocked out by Sofia), Bogo and Tata reached quarter finals, Gabby and Siyang reached eighth finals. And dan grades, Ryoto lost from hante in semi finals, Akira reached quarter finals, Sang reached eighth finals, Hakon and Wei reached 16th finals, Alicia knocked out by Emily Knight (women's dan grade winner) first round. Overall great effort from everyone!

Results from day two, I am happy to announce that EUKC won both kyu and open team competition! With Edinburgh B kyu team taking silver! Honorable mentions to Gaby for getting the fighting spirit award and Alicia for being able to withstand the wrath of Josh Barnard in the semi finals allowing eukc to take the close win against UKKC. Overall excellent weekend!