Edinburgh University Kendo Club

Glasgow Club Visit

We are excited about the upcoming GUKC visit to a training session of ours in a couple of weeks! Last year EUKC took a few of our members to participate in a GUKC training session - now they are returning the favour... The aim of these visits, established last year, is to strengthen ties between these two Scottish University clubs, have fun, and get to know each other. We manage to come through to Glasgow a few times every year for various Kendo events that happen during the academic calendar, but it is great to have one that is specifically aimed at the Kendo in these two great universities! In future it may be possible to extend some training times to Aberdeen University too. For now though, we look forward to welcoming the GUKC kendoka at the end of March, and we may even get to come through again in April for some more great Kendo times.