Edinburgh University Kendo Club

Registering for EUKC membership

The last taster session will be on Saturday 30th September 2017, 15:30-18:30. After that, you will be required to register at the Gym and the Kendo Club, which can be done using the following link: https://www.eusu.ed.ac.uk/organisation/Kendo/


If you wish to join, you can attend our sessions starting on 20th September, 2017. Keep an eye on the website for the dates and times or watch your email inbox if you subscribed to the mailing list. Looking forward to meet you all!


We welcome alumni to visit us at training sessions, and to keep in touch through our Alumni Facebook Group

So you want to try kendo...

For the time and locations of our taster courses, please check 'About Us' in the navigator menu.

The club accepts an intake of newcomers each year at the start of the first semester of the academic year (September). No previous experience in Kendo or other martial arts is required, just an eagerness to participate! Beginners are well looked after by our much appreciated coach, Steve Bishop (6th Dan), as well as the more senior members of the club.

What to wear

Wear clothing that you can move around in easily: t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms are ideal. We'll sort out costs and equipment with you before starting. Try to get there 15 minutes early so we can get these things organised and leave more time for Kendo!

Course Structure

Beginners can expect to start by learning the basic footwork of Kendo, and basic cutting techniques using the shinai (bamboo sparring sword) and bokuto (wooden practice sword). This is learnt without armour in the first instance. Come second semester (January), you can expect to be wearing keikogi and hakama, the Kendo uniform. Shortly after this you can get into bogu (armour), apply all the basics you've learnt with the full kit, and start sparring with others! The beginners' course also includes essential requisites for practicing Kendo, such as care and maintenance of equipment, and appropriate etiquette.