Edinburgh University Kendo Club


  • Pleasance Gym,
  • 46 Pleasance
  • Edinburgh,
  • EH8 9TJ

Our practices

Beginner Practices:

  • Wednesday 20:30-22:00 Studio
  • Saturday 15:30 - 18:30 Studio

Armour Practices:

  • Sunday 15:00-17:30 Studio

Contact us

Captain Rhiannon Cajipe-Stansfield captain@eukc.org.uk
Vice Captain Danial Dhiaurrahman
bin Mohd Khastalani
President Kelly Stronach president@eukc.org.uk
Secretary Haziq Ikram Rahmat secretary@eukc.org.uk
Treasurer Ming Cai treasurer@eukc.org.uk
Armourer Ellie Jarvis armourer@eukc.org.uk
Social and Publicity
Emma Cameron social@eukc.org.uk
Social and Publicity
Helen Taylor social@eukc.org.uk
Health and Safety
Tul Puntuyakorn
Child Protection Officer Go Hirano childprotection@eukc.org.uk
Webmaster Joan Clark-Nicolas webmaster@eukc.org.uk

Affiliates and Friends

Edinburgh Kendo Club Our Parent club
Aberdeen Kendo Club Aberdeen Kendo Club
Taiseidokai Kendo Club Glasgow Kendo club
Glasgow University Kendo Club Glasgow University Kendo club
Strathclyde University Kendo Club Strathclyde University Kendo club
British Kendo Association The BKA is the governing body of the club. Their website contains useful information and forms.
Kenshi 24/7 A collection of article translations by George McCall

Our Club

How old is our club?
We were founded March 2004.
What does our motto mean?
Our motto, 'Haku-un yuu yuu', translates as 'White clouds floating'. This concept symbolises the relation of the practice of this martial art to the experience of life in general, and specifically to the university experience, where individual members pass through the club in a few years, yet the 'sky', the club, remains constant.
As Murata Sempai wrote:
'When you are sad or troubled, look up at that white cloud which travels in the endless sky...set your soul free... Your heart.. Your mind... you will see a different horizon beyond this sky.'

Our Motto