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1.A Bilingual guide to the History of Kendo by T. Sakai and A. Bennet [Available]
2.Looking at a far mountain by P. Budden [Available]
3.Kendo: The definitive guide by H. Ozawa [Available]
4.Kenshi 247 Selected Articles by G. McCall [Available]
5.Kendo World Issue 3.3 by Various [Available]
6.Kendo World Issue 3.4 by Various [Available]
7.Kendo World Issue 4.1 by Various [Available]
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A Bilingual guide to the History of Kendo.

The History of Kendo was a series of articles published in the monthly magazine "Kendo Nippon" from March 2007 until March 2009. It is our great pleasure to announce that the articles have all been collated into a book which explains everything from when the distinctive Japanese sword was created to the current state of kendo in the modern age. The book is bilingual with Japanese text on the left-hand pages, and the English translation on the right. The content provides important reading for kendo enthusiasts who want to know more about the history of the art, and also for people who are engaged in promoting kendo outside of Japan.

Looking at a far mountain.

Derived from the ancient Japanese warrior art of the sword and imbued with the principle of Zen Buddhism, kendo has now gained worldwide popularity for its appealing combination of sport and meditation. In Looking at a Far Mountain kendo expert Paul Budden explains the essentials of the art by offering:
  • An extensive history of the kendo tradition
  • Technical specifics such as form, positioning, and breathing
  • Detailed explanations of the kata
  • A listing of kendo schools
  • A lineage chart of the great kendo masters
This comprehensive volume-endorsed by the premier Japanese kendo body-is sure to imporve and perfect the practice of kendo for students of all levels

Kendo: The definitive guide.

Kendo: The Definitive Guide is the first book in English to provide a practical and truly comprehensive approach to the subject. Everything that the novice needs to know, from basic information about purchasing, wearing, and maintaining essential equipment to competing in international tournaments, is explained in simple, straightforward language. Step-by-step explanations of fundamental techniques to be mastered to attain black belt level are illustrated in easy-to-follow line drawings.
With appendices giving the rules at international competitions and important information about Kendo clubs outside Japan, Kendo is the definitive guide for all non-Japanese Kendoists. A special section about the history and development of this martial art and guidelines for running practice sessions also make it a unique resource for all teachers of Kendo.
The definitive guide includes
  • basic Kendo principles and techniques
  • official International Kendo Federation regulations
  • list of Kendo clubs and national associations around the world

Kenshi 247 Selected Articles.

A collection of the best kendo articles from kenshi247.net spanning 2008-2011.

Kendo World Issue 3.3.

Kendo World Issue 3.4.

Kendo World Issue 4.1.