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Welcome to EUKC

Welcome to EUKC! This is the homepage for the Kendo Club at the University of Edinburgh. Use the links above to find out more about the art of Kendo, our club events and dates, Kendo in Edinburgh and Scotland, and how to join in!


For more information, feel free to contact a member of the committee. Details are listed on the About Us page. Already a member? Join us on Facebook, catch up with the latest news or read the FAQs.


Our Motto

White Clouds Floating

-Takuya Murata-

Our motto, 'Haku-un yuu yuu', translates as 'White clouds floating'. This concept symbolises the relation of the practice of this martial art to the experience of life in general, and specifically to the university experience, where individual members pass through the club in a few years, yet the 'sky', the club, remains constant.


As Murata Sempai wrote:

'When you are sad or troubled, look up at that white cloud which travels in the endless sky...set your soul free... Your heart.. Your mind... you will see a different horizon beyond this sky.'


Upcoming Event

UK University Taikai

The highlight of the year for university kendo clubs, the UK University Taikai is an opportunity to meet people of similar skill levels and compete for medals. This tournament is an important part of University Kendo life, giving Kendoka a chance to try their best kendo during the tournament and also grading.


2018 UK University Taikai

This year the University Taikai is in Glasgow, hosted by the Glasgow University Kendo club, As usual, the takai will consist of 5 person-team competition and individual competition, as well as grading up to Sandan; the categories within the tournament are the following: Individuals: Men Kyu (up to 2-year experience), Ladies Kyu (up to 2 years experience), Ladies Open, Men Open. Five person-teams: Kyu teams ( up to 2- year exp) and Open teams. All teams are of mixed genders.



In previous years Edinburgh University Kendo Club has done very well during this Taikai, earning several medals in both the individual and team categories. It is also a good place to make friends and learn different styles of kendo outside of your own club’s style.